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Digital Marketing for your business in Tokyo, Japan

Digital Content Localization and Local Marketing

digi-escape inc. is a Japanese digital marketing agency based in Tokyo, Japan.

Focused on measuring, creating and managing local web content to drive traffic and conversion, we use specialized web site promotional tactics such as optimized web site translation/transcreation, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) - substantially increase your business opportunities in Japan.

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JP Localization

Optimal Translation and localization of all digital marketing communications; web sites, blogs, social media, videos, and advertorials.

'Off the shelf and ready to use' editable (English to Japanese and Japanese to English) 


Our highly qualified translators and writers, who reside in Japan to maintain traditional nuances of language, are trained and understand the value of transcreation to ensure optimal digital approach. Our optimized translation features adjustment of the tone in writing; formal, casual, and friendly, based on your audience. One example is the tuning of "sound" and "rhythm" by optimal uses of auxiliary verbs; -desu and -masu and -desune.


Our content localization includes audit as well as local market research, in order to gain an in-depth insight into the state of the website. The analysis also provides clear recommendations as to how best to rectify any issues that may be revealed in the existing site.

JP Marketing

Your first, vital step of market entry into Japan

Our complete digital marketing service solutions offer an integrated blend of the best practices in content creation, J-SEO, search marketing (PPC Advertising), and validation/optimization.

digi-escape will translate, localize and optimize your ad content into highly readable, informative and engaging Japanese. We then promote your Japanese website with Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

The cornerstone of our J-SEO services is essential for your success in Japanese markets. Your web content must be localized and optimized to match existing online demand generated by keyword phrase search enquires in the Japanese language.

Website Audit is conducted on your website, and the results of the appraisal are summarized into web marketing strategy. The analysis will contain a summary of required changes that must be implemented to ensure a successful website promotion strategy.

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digi-escape operates a series of websites "digi-joho" all about the country of Japan, mostly focused on Tokyo and vicinity. The purpose of digi-joho is to provide practical, very local information (=joho) for those traveling, living, studying, working, and doing business in Japan. About digi-joho

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