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About digi-escape inc.

digi-escape inc. is an international digital marketing company in Tokyo, Japan.

Over the years, digi-escape has developed strategic alliances with business consultants, marketing and travel agencies within the local business community in Japan. We understand the critical importance of localizing your digital marketing messaging, and products, for the Japanese markets, creating optimizing web content for maximum effect, and return.

Choose digi-escape as your reliable business partner in Japan
digi-escape inc. is an corporation (Yugen Kaisha) has registered in Japan. We can offer you our digital marketing services as an outsourcer or act as your agent in Japan.

Company Information

digi-escape inc.

2-22-5 Ougi Adachi-ku Tokyo Japan
Telephone (Int+81) 03-3854-6152

Contact person:

Date of Establishment
Founded in April 2004 (Started as an independent enterprise in 2001)


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